About us

About us

Competency-driven, strategic HR-consultancy

Aminika Manpower Limited (AML) is a knowledge-driven organization committed to achieving excellence in Human Capital & Business Coaching in both virtual and real circumstances.

We are a regional HR services provider dedicated to quality consulting work, training, and high standards of excellence. We are committed to assisting companies in developing effective management systems, operational excellence & removal of waste (cost reduction initiatives) in their process, and people know-how.

For an organization to remain viable in today’s market, its products and services must meet customer’s requirements and be competitive for maximum profits. It also ought to have operational process that takes care of its employees and the environment.

Aminika capitalizes on two critical areas that inform sudden change of human norms;

  1. Ability to manage sudden change i.e., reduced cash flow, cost-cutting.
  2. Emotional intelligence that deals in managing staff affected by (1) above via our spiritual business management solutions.

Our Identity

What drives us

Aminika Mnapower Limited is driven by its deeply ingrained mission and vision statements. 


To be a leading human resource advisory services partner by providing competency-based strategic solutions 


We are professionals, enthusiastic and innovative team dedicated in providing professional HR consulting services efficient and effective recruitment solutions that help our clients become more productive and profitable,

Aminika Team