Our HR Services

We are a regional service provider dedicated to quality HR solutuons, corporate training and high standards of excellence. We are committed to assisting companies in developing effective management systems, operational excellence & removal of waste (cost reduction initiatives) in their process, and people know-how.

HR Outsourcing

Get a team of HR and administrative professionals to take care of your day-to-day HR needs and functions.

Staffing/Recruitment Outsourcing

Fulfil your core and non-core staffing 2X faster by leveraging an experienced team of recruiters and a job board reaching thousands monthly.

Company Policy Drafting

Partner with us to develop comprehensive and progressive company policies from code of conduct to quality standards.

Payroll Management

Get complete payroll administration services from salaries, tax, to statutory payments like NHIF, NSSF customized for your business.

Workplace Stress Management

We utilize scientifically provide Esoteric Laws to help our clients absorb and overcome workplace-related stresses.

HR and Corporate Training

Advance your individual and corporate profile with our updated training programs ranging from labor laws to ISO certification.

Trust and Reliability are our DNA

Over 12 years in HR service has proven to us what human resource means to our clients. Our goal at Aminika Manpower is to be that reliable partner for all your HR needs.

Our Guarantee

Words aren't enough to express our commitment to value-driven and competency-based HR services. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the best results.