Why choose Aminika Manpower Limited

We help our clients to find the best team players, in both core and non-core capacities.

Dozens of corporate clients in Kenya rely on Aminika Manpower to provide bespoke solutions to their HR needs.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons to trust AML

Accredited Professionals

Aminika Manpower is a team of accredited HR professionals with a profound understanding of the practice and key industry standards.

A rich database of qualified candidates

AML has a database of over 100k vetted Kenyan professionals to suit the different roles in any organization across different industries.

Dedicated Team of HR Professionals

AML assigns all our clients a dedicated team of HR Professionals to ensure that all their HR needs are efficiently met.

Short-Lead Times

We strive to fulfill the hiring needs of our clients within as low as 5 days after making necessary agreements.

RIgorous Assessments for Candidates

We conduct rigorous assessments for all the recruitees to reduce mismatch risk and maximize productivity potential.

Cross-industry experience

We are experienced in hiring professionals in both technical and corporate positions, across industries.

AML Guarantee

Getting the right team is risk. It’s riskier to trust someone else to get that risk off your back. AML minimizes this risk through our core guarantees.

3-Month Guarantee

If our hiree underprerforms within the first three months of the probation period, AML provides a replacement free of charge.

Only Pay For Results

AML only bills the client upon successful placement of the candidate in the company.

Our strongholds

We come in as a timely solution having capitalized on two major areas that inform sudden change of human norms.


At AML, we are flexible enough to manage sudden changes such as reduced cash
flow, cost-cutting among others. 


We use emotional intelligence in dealing with and managing staff affected by sudden changes through spiritual management.


We excel at the elimination of the 7 wastes resulting in 100% Value Added, One-Piece Flow, Short lead times.