Aminika Manpower HR Services Outsourcing

Bespoke and Value-driven
HR Consulting Solutions

Aminika Manpower partners with businesses of all sizes to ensure that clients’ businesses are HR compliant with local laws and regulations. Our solutions are customized to meet client budget and capacities.

A partner that meets all your HR and compliance needs.

Every employer encounters HR challenges or has queries that require solutions. What if you had HR pros a call away to ask and discuss with?

When you have a problem or require professional HR advice as a business owner or manager, we know having someone you can rely on the other end of the phone makes all the difference.

Speaking with a friendly competent HR professional about concerns with your employees, such as how to handle a dismissal, discipline, or redundancy, can be a daunting undertaking to accomplish on your own.

How we help clients?

Trust and Reliability are our DNA

Over 12 years in HR service has proven to us what human resource means to our clients. Our goal at Aminika Manpower is to be that reliable partner for all your HR needs.

Our Guarantee

Words aren't enough to express our commitment to value-driven and competency-based HR services. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the best results.